Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee Information

Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin

The Potomac River Basin Comprehensive Water Resources Plan‘s advisory committee, facilitated by Policy Works LLC, is comprised of about two dozen diverse stakeholders representing various interests and geographic regions.

Meeting Documents, March 2018

Meeting Documents, November 2017

Meeting Documents, September 2017

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Meeting Documents, March 2017

Meeting Documents, December 2016

Meeting Documents, September 2016

Advisory Committee Members

Name Title and Organization
Hedrick Belin President;
Potomac Conservancy
Charles Bennett Manager of Environmental Affairs;
Knouse Foods Cooperative, Inc.
Willem Brakel Adjunct Professor of Environmental Science;
American University
Tolessa Deksissa Director,
Water Resources Research Institute,
Professional Science Masters,
and NELAP Accredited Environmental Quality Testing Laboratory;
Tom Devilbiss Director, Department of Land and Resource Management;
Carroll County, MD
Martin Gary Executive Secretary;
Potomac River Fisheries Commission
John Grace Chief,
Source Protection and Appropriations Division of the Water Supply Program,
Water Management Administration;
Maryland Department of Environment
Mark Guise Utilities Manager;
Gettysburg Municipal Authority
Nancy Hausrath Water Operations Manager;
City of Hagerstown
Tom Hilton Group Leader;
Planning Group WSSC
Sara Jordan Senior Water Supply Planner;
Adam McClain Watershed Specialist;
Adams County Conservation District
Mishelle Noble Chief, Source Water Planning and Protection;
Fairfax Water
John Odenkirk Fisheries Biologist;
Jennifer Orr Director, Compacts and Commissions Office;
Mark Peterson Executive Director of Stakeholder Relations;
Loudoun Water
Dusty Rood Environmental Committee Chair and
Board of Directors Member;
Maryland Building Industry
Donald Schwartz Director;
Bedford County, PA Planning Commission
Ed Snyder Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies;
Shepherd University, WV
Mark Symborski Environmental Planning Coordinator;
Montgomery County, MD Planning
John Wirts DWWM Assistant Director;
WVDEP Watershed Assessment Branch