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Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin

ICPRB’s Programs

ICPRB offers watershed, stormwater, and stream education. We provide lesson plans for educators to encourage a student’s interest in the local environment and watershed stewardship. Educators can use one lesson to fill a specific need in the curriculum, or combine them all to provide a Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience (MWEE), engage students in real-world investigations, math, science, and communication skills and address Environmental Literacy, Next Generation Science, and C3 Social Studies Framework for Inquiry.

ICPRB offers professional development workshops to teachers in the Potomac River basin who are looking for ways to incorporate sustainable-watershed lessons into their curriculum. Our workshops provide investigative lessons and activities that involve students in project-based science on their school grounds and in their watersheds. Our goals are to inspire students to become well-informed watershed stewards. We also provide an Adopt-a-School program.

  • Watershed Connections
    • Watershed Connections links the connections between watersheds, land use, and water quality, using a hand built watershed model that students use to investigate historical land use, water pollution, and the use of best management practices to reduce stormwater runoff.
  • Score Four: Students, Schools, Streams, and the Bay
    • With a focus on real-world science and math, project-based MWEEs, and student stormwater action projects, Score Four enables teachers to meet multiple curriculum standards, inspire environmentally savvy students, and develop campus stormwater reduction practices with their students. Indoor and outdoor lessons and investigations enable students to assess the school’s stormwater footprint and to plan for and install appropriate solutions. Activities incorporate the scientific method, hydrological, biological and chemical process, math, language skills, and analytical tools (such as tables, graphs, and maps).
  • Getting Started With Stream Monitoring

Other Resources

  • Environmental Resource Directory
    • Use the Environmental Resource Directory to find watershed organizations that provide resources to help you enhance the learning environment for your students. These organizations provide a range of resources including curricular resources, field experiences, and funding for school projects.

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Contact Rebecca Wolf for more information about ICPRB’s programs and resources.