CO-OP Meetings

Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin

The section for the Cooperative Water Supply Operations on the Potomac meet quarterly to focus on water resources in the Potomac basin. The meetings are typically held the morning of the ICPRB quarterly Business Meetings. More information about the time and place of these meeting can be found on the ICPRB Business Meetings page.

2019 Meetings

First Quarter –  December 4, 2018, USGS Leetown Science Center, Kearneysville, WV: Meeting Minutes (draft)
Second Quarter – TBD
Third Quarter – TBD
Fourth Quarter – TBD

2018 Meetings

First Quarter –  December 5, 2017, Rockville, Md. (ICPRB office):  Meeting Minutes
Second Quarter – March 6, 2018, Rockville, Md. (ICPRB office): Meeting Minutes
Third Quarter – June 5, 2018, Bladensburg Waterfront Park, Bladensburg, Md.: Meeting Minutes
Fourth Quarter – August 28, 2018, Rockville, Md. (ICPRB office):  Meeting Minutes

2017 Meetings

First Quarter –  December 6, 2016, Johns Hopkins University Mont. Co. Campus, Rockville, Md.: Meeting Minutes
Second Quarter – March 7, 2017, Rockville, Md. (ICPRB office):  Meeting Minutes
Third Quarter – June 6, 2017, Microtel Inn, 70 North Tornado Way, Keyser, W.Va.:  Meeting Minutes
Fourth Quarter – August 29, 2017, Rockville, Md. (ICPRB office): Meeting Minutes

2016 Meetings

First Quarter –  December 1, 2015, Rockville, Md. (ICPRB office): Meeting Minutes
Second Quarter – March 1, 2016, Rockville, Md. (ICPRB office): Meeting Minutes
Third Quarter – June 7, 2016, Potomac River Fisheries Commission, Colonial Beach, Va.: Meeting Minutes
Fourth Quarter – August 30, 2016, Rockville, Md. (ICPRB office): Meeting Minutes

Contact us if  you would like a copy of previous CO-OP meeting minutes that are not included above or if you have other questions about CO-OP.