Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin

For general information, contact 301-984-1908 or email us. For more information about staff expertise, visit the ICPRB Staff Education and Project Expertise page.

Staff email addresses are the first initial of their first name, followed by their full last name, then Example: Jane Smith,

Mike Nardolilli Executive Director Ext. 105
Robert Bolle General Counsel No Ext.
Bo Park Director, Administration Ext. 101
Wendy Wang Accountant Ext. 129
DeeDee Hunter Administrative Coordinator Ext. 100
Cherie Schultz Director, CO-OP Operations Ext. 120
Heidi Moltz Associate Director, Water Resources Ext. 116
Sarah Ahmed Water Resources Engineering Analyst Ext. 102
Alimatou Seck Water Resources Scientist Ext. 103
Erfaneh Sharifi Water Resources Scientist Ext. 104
Luke Vawter Research Support Analyst Ext. 110
Andrea Nagel Environmental Scientist Ext. 122
Carlington Wallace Environmental Scientist Ext. 123
Mike Mallonee Water Quality Database Manager 410-267-5785
Claire Buchanan Director, Program Operations Ext. 112
Mike Selckmann Aquatic Ecologist Ext. 128
Rikke Jepsen Aquatic Ecologist Ext. 117
Curtis Dalpra Communications Manager Ext. 107
Renee Bourassa Outreach Program Manager Ext. 108

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