Threats to the Watershed

Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin

A critical part of ICPRB’s mission is to educate the public on key issues within the Potomac watershed. The information below is for the public to learn more about the issues that the Potomac and its residents face.

Image courtesy of David Bonta on Flickr.

Image courtesy of David Bonta on Flickr.

Residential Oil Tanks

Large toxic spills may get all the media-fueled attention, but these silent, slow leaks add up to one major environmental problem for the Potomac River basin and its residents. This infographic tells you what you need to know about residential oil tanks.

Coal Ash Storage in the Potomac Basin

This printable PDF explains how waste ash generated is from coal-fired power plants, stored in ponds or landfills, and has the potential to pollute the Potomac River.

Road Salts 

While a winter snow can lead to warm and cozy day at home, the de-icing materials used to keep traffic flowing can be negatively affecting water quality. Learn more about chlorides and their effect on water quality on our Road Salts and Water Quality page.

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