2023 Potomac River Conference: One River’s Perspective on a Changing Climate

The 2nd annual Potomac River Conference was hosted by ICPRB and held at Fairfax Water in Lorton, Virginia, on Thursday, September 21, 2023. The event highlighted trends in the Potomac basin, regional resilience, government innovations, on-the-ground implementation, as well as equity and environmental justice considerations for climate change in the Potomac River basin.

Conference Documents


The 2023 Potomac River Conference was dedicated to Curtis Dalpra, who passed away in March of 2023. During his long tenure in the Communications Department at ICPRB, Curtis was always willing to share his knowledge of the basin and its storied past. During his 41 years at ICPRB, he championed good stewardship of the Potomac River. Let us all continue that legacy.

Videos and Presentations

A video of the conference and links to the presentations can be found below.

Video: Sessions 1-3

Session 1: Opening

Moderator – Michael Nardolilli, ICPRB

  • In Memoriam Curtis Dalpra – Michael Nardolilli, ICPRB
  • Welcome to Fairfax Water – Jamie Hedges, Fairfax Water
  • Welcome to the 2023 Potomac River Conference – Robert Sussman, ICPRB Chair
  • Keynote Speaker: The Climate Crisis and Potomac River Communities – Katie Blackman, Potomac Conservancy

Session 2: Trends in the Potomac Basin

Moderator – Chris Jones, GMU

Session 3: Regional Resilience

Moderator – Pam Kenel, Loudoun Water

At the end of Session 3, we took a moment to share reflections on Curtis Dalpra while a slideshow of photos were played on the screen. 

Video: Sessions 4-6

Session 4: Government Innovation

Moderator – Jeffery Seltzer, DOEE

Christopher Beck (MDE); Erin Garnaas-Holmes (DOEE); Katherine Rainone (MWCOG); Megan Porta (PA DEP)

Session 5: Implementation

Moderator – Steve DeRidder, Berkeley County PSWD

Session 6: Closing 

Michael Nardolilli, ICPRB Executive Director

Poster Session