2022 Potomac Conference: A Conversation on PFAS

On September 22, 2022, the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin held a virtual conference on the state of the science, policy, technology, and the future of PFAS in the Potomac River basin.

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances – or PFAS – are a class of ubiquitous chemicals known as “forever chemicals” that are used in everything from non-stick pans to takeout containers. The chemicals have been found in water, soil, and air. Scientific studies indicate that PFAS may be harmful to human health.

During the webinar, 220 attendees heard about how the basin jurisdictions and the U.S. EPA are addressing PFAS through policy and research. They also heard talks on the environmental justice perspective, the latest scientific research, and what other organizations across the basin are doing to address the issue.

Below you will find links to videos, and PDF presentations from the conference. The videos can also be found on the ICPRB YouTube Playlist: 2022 Potomac Conference: A Conversation on PFAS.

Conference Resources

Session 1: Opening

  • Welcome – Mike Nardolilli, ICPRB
  • Introduction – Lisa Daniels, PA DEP
  • Keynote: EPA’s Update on the PFAS Strategic Roadmap – Zachary Schafer, Senior Advisor to the Assistant Administrator for Water, US EPA
  • The Science of PFAS and Environmental Justice – Kimberly Jones, Howard University

Session 2: PFAS Occurrence in the Potomac Basin

Session 3: PFAS Policy and Regulation

  • Policy and Regulation in Potomac Basin Jurisdictions Panel – Moderator: Sarah Grace Hughes, ECOS
    • Joshua Rodriguez (DC)  •  Lee Currey (MD)  •  Lisa Daniels (PA)  •  Jeffery Steers (VA)  •  Mindy Neil (WV)


Session 4: Addressing PFAS through Technology

Session 5: Next Steps

  • Improving the Understanding and Coordination of Science Activities for PFAS in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed: A Summary of the Chesapeake Bay Program Workshop – Emily Majcher, USGS
  • Advocacy Priorities to Address PFAS in Our Watershed – Brent Walls, Potomac Riverkeeper Network
  • What’s Next: Continuing the Conversation on PFAS – Lee Currey, MDE