2011 Reporter

Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin


  • 2010 ICPRB Water Quality, Resources, and Outreach Projects Improve Basin’s Waters;
  • Executive Director Comments;
  • Watching the River Flow;
  • Chairman’s Report by Scott Kudlas, Virginia Alt. Commissioner and ICPRB Chairman 2010-2011
  • Commission Milestones


  • ICPRB Honors Potomac River Stewards at Annual Fishing Event
  • Spring Potomac Cleanup Nets Tons of Trash
  • Groups Give Anacostia Failing Grades
  • Watching the River Flow
  • Snakehead Caught Upstream of Great Falls
  • Drinking Water Source Protection Annual Report Available
  • Potomac Data Buoys Off-Line
  • 2011 Potomac River Ramble Cancelled


  • Bay, Potomac Receive Poor Grades
  • Blue Plains: Less Pollution, Greater Efficiency
  • Reducing Runoff One Garden at a Time
  • Watching the River Flow
  • ICPRB Reaches Out to Watershed Groups
  • Nation’s River Bass Tournament Brings Students to the Water, Fish to the Classroom
  • Former ICPRB Commissioner, Conservationist Passes Away


  • The Potomac Basin Beyond 70 Years
  • ICPRB Responds to Budget Cuts
  • Watching the River Flow
  • Storm Swells Potomac