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Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin

Reports and Journal Articles

Reports and journal articles authored or co-authored by ICPRB staff are available for download on the ICPRB website.

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Potomac News Reservoir

First published in May of 2013, this email newsletter contains short articles on ICPRB activities and a media digest of Potomac basin-related news items from around the region. An archive of the Potomac News Reservoir can be found in the News section.

Potomac Basin Reporter

A quarterly newsletter, the Potomac Basin Reporter, was published in paper format from 1945 through 2012. An electronic format of the newsletter was re-introduced in 2017. Archives are available online. Containing long-form articles on current water quality issues within the basin, they are an excellent resource for an historical perspective on the Potomac river.


A library of more than 2,500 volumes of Potomac-related reports, books, and other holdings is housed at the ICPRB office in Rockville, Md. It contains many historical government agency reports and studies, books, magazines, and some film and video. The library is open to the public by appointment. Contact us in advance with your information needs and we will see if your document is available or what we hold on your subject of interest. Call (301) 274-8107, or write to

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