2003 Reporter

Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin


  • ICPRB Building a Potomac for the Future
  • Chairman’s Report
  • Watching the River Flow
  • From the Executive Director’s Desk
  • PHNST Preserves Potomac History
  • River Flow Data Available on the Web
  • Come for a Swim


  • Cleanup Volunteers Remove 117 Tons of Trash From Watershed: Goal of “Trash-Free in 10 Years” Set
  • Residents Can Help Meet New CBP Goals
  • Virginia to Test Non-Native Oysters
  • Potomac Milestones: Current, Former Commissioners Pass Away
  • Watching the River Flow
  • New Federal Commissioners Appointed
  • Come Paddle the Tidal Potomac!
  • Potomac Water Trail Maps for Sale


  • Migratory Fish Restoration Programs Continue to Grow Fish, Awareness
  • The Pull of Spring
  • Education Program Seeks to Curb Poaching
  • Monocacy Residents Learn of River Up Close
  • Watching the River Flow
  • Potomac Basin Builds Green
  • Virginia Hosts Potomac Forum


  • When it Rains, It Pours — Nutrients: Extended Wet Weather Affects Potomac
  • Potomac’s Wild Celery to Help Restore SAV Beds in Other Rivers
  • Sojourners Find Spirit of the Potomac
  • Swimmers Quickly Cross Potomac
  • Watching the River Flow
  • Upper Potomac Tributary Team Takes Farm Tour
  • Reporter Available on Web


  • Isabel Leaves Mark on Potomac Basin
  • Wet Weather and Storms: Effects on the Potomac
  • ICPRB Assists in Sewage Spill Response
  • New ICPRB Officers Elected for 2003-04; Annual Report Available
  • Potomac Watershed Forum Brings Virginia’s Potomac Together
  • Watching the River Flow
  • C&O Canal Park Superintendent Retires


  • A Mixed Year for Natural Resources
  • ICPRB, USGS Begin Comprehensive Groundwater Assessment
  • Watching the River Flow
  • Half Shell Plies Anacostia Waters
  • Kempton Mine Reclamation Continues
  • Chesapeake Council Seeks Funds for Bay Restoration