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Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin

Students looking through a book about plantsAre you an educator looking for lesson plans, field experiences, or other resources?

This Environmental Resource Directory enables educators to find organizations in the Potomac River basin that provide field experiences, professional development, funding and more.

You may search by:
  • Focus Area:
    • Air, Energy, Food, Landscape Design, Funding, Nature, Native Plant Nursery, Waste, or Water
  • Service Area:
    • Curricular Resources―Find lesson plans, activities, and more that you can use in your classroom.
    • School Based Presentations―Have a guest speaker make a presentation to your class.
    • Field Experiences―Take your students on a field trip to experience environmental topics first-hand.
    • Professional Development Workshops―Enhance your skills and knowledge by taking a Professional Development Workshop.
    • Community Service Opportunities―Encourage your students to assist in community service projects.
    • Technical Expertise―Get assistance with technical projects and research.
    • Funding―Find grants and funding for various school and environmental projects.
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Think we missed something? Please contact us with questions or to have additional organizations added to the list.

This resource directory was developed by ICPRB and the Anacostia Watershed Society with funding from a Chesapeake Bay Trust—Prince George’s County Stormwater Stewardship Grant.

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