News from Around the Basin – July 6, 2023

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July’s Water Supply Outlook

The July Water Supply Outlook by ICPRB’s Section for Cooperative Water Supply Operations on the Potomac (CO-OP) takes a look at the DC Metro area’s summer water supply.

In the Washington metropolitan area, we anticipate a higher likelihood of water releases from the backup reservoirs during the summer and fall of 2023. Despite receiving some relief from heavy rains, the Potomac basin has experienced unusual dryness over the past few months, resulting in ongoing challenges with low stream flows, groundwater, and soil moisture.

Notably, July 4th marked the hottest day ever recorded on Earth, underscoring the necessity of regular reassessment of the current conditions.

Although the water flow in the Potomac River currently satisfies the region’s demands, comprehensive contingency plans have been established to prevent shortages in the event of low-flow conditions.

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Potomac River Conditions

The current river flow is similar to the median. However, as we saw in the July Water Supply Outlook, we are still experiencing the impact of a dry winter and spring. The 90 day precipitation remains low at 2.7 inches below average.

Current flow: 3910 cfs

Median flow: 3640 cfs

Even when the river flow is low, there are areas that can look calm but are still treacherous. Unfortunately, drownings happen every year in the Potomac. Stay smart and safe by wearing a personal flotation device.

Fishing News on the Fly

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