Drought Operations are Suspended

ICPRB staff is suspending drought monitoring operations.

According to US National Weather Service Middle Atlantic River Forecast Center, up to 1 inch of rain has fallen in the northwestern corner of the basin. Flows have risen at the North Branch Potomac River near Cumberland gage. More rain is expected over the next 3 days. We expect flows to continue to stay above the 2000 cfs threshold for drought monitoring.

ICPRB staff will continue to monitor river flows.

Although ICPRB is not conducting drought monitoring, we always encourage people to be mindful of everyday water use.

Here are a few tips for ways to be water wise:

🚽 Fix leaky pipes.

🚿 Take shorter showers.

🌱 Choose native plants for your landscaping.

🥕 Capture and reuse water from activities like washing vegetables or waiting for the water to warm up. This water can be used to water plants or to clean.

🚰 Brushing teeth? Washing hands? Doing dishes? Turn the faucet off when you are not actively using the water during these daily activities.