News from Around the Basin – October 5, 2023

Back into drought monitoring 🌊, big news for the Anacostia πŸ’°, where to see the fall colors πŸ‚, and more, in this week’s Potomac News Reservoir πŸ’§ Oct 5, 2023.

The River Report – Drought Monitoring Initiated, Again

While some cities around the region are lifting their drought warnings, ICPRB staff are still anxiously watching for signs of a continued drought.

River flows have fallen and ICPRB staff are busy, yet again, with the daily drought monitoring. Our daily report to water suppliers details the flow, water use, and weather in the region.

Our final Water Supply Outlook of the season is expected to be published later this afternoon. Preliminary findings indicate an October that will be hotter and drier than normal.

Please remember to practice wise water use in your everyday life, such as turning off the faucet when not using it or shortening showers.

Nature’s Magic Trick: Disappearing and Reappearing Rivers

ICPRB scientists are using harmless food-grade dye and carbon packs to discover underground secrets. The tools are used to map the path groundwater takes from one stream to another, exploring the areas where water is sinking into the ground and then rising back up. The specific color and accumulation of dye will reveal how groundwater streams are interconnected.

The project, taking place in the Cacapon River in West Virginia, is part of a larger quest to map underground stream connections and understand nutrient flow paths. Having a deeper understanding of how nutrients move within our watersheds will help us better address algae and harmful algal blooms.

The final report is expected to be out in the fall of 2024.