ICPRB Staff Published June Water Supply Outlook

The Water Supply Outlook has returned to its seasonal schedule of reporting for April – October. The Water Supply Outlook is a monthly report that looks at the overall drought conditions in the Potomac River basin.

The probability of releases from backup water supply reservoirs in the Washington metropolitan area during the summer and fall seasons of 2024 is currently below normal. Streamflow is currently near
normal, and groundwater levels are mostly normal. The Potomac basin upstream of Washington, D.C. received 4.3 inches of precipitation for the month of May, which is 0.2 inches above normal. As of May 31, the 12-month cumulative basin precipitation is 0.5 inches below normal. The Middle Atlantic River Forecast Center (MARFC) anticipates no water supply shortages within the Mid-Atlantic region over the next couple of months, assuming continuation of near normal precipitation.

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