ICPRB Elects New Leadership

Seven people stand in front of a conference room, smiling.

Commissioners (from left to right): Lee Currey (MD), Catherine McCabe (MD), Robert Sussman (Fed.), Scott Morris (VA), Mindy Neil (WV), Susan Weaver (PA), and Will Willis (PA)

The Commissioners of the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin (ICPRB) have elected Susan Weaver, representative of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as ICPRB’s chairperson for 2024. Weaver is a Program Manager at the Office of Water Programs of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. Previously, Weaver served as the vice chair of ICPRB.

ICPRB’s executive director, Michael Nardolilli, states, “Pennsylvania may only be 10% of the Potomac River basin, but it is an important part of the river’s headwaters. We look forward to working closely with Chairperson Weaver and her team.”

The ICPRB is represented by three commissioners and three alternate commissioners from each of the five signatory jurisdictions (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania) and the federal government. Each year, the chairperson of ICPRB rotates among the jurisdictions.

The ICPRB Commissioners have selected Scott Morris, representative of the Commonwealth of Virginia, to serve as vice chairperson.

The outgoing chairperson is Robert Sussman, representative of the federal government. Nardolilli noted, “We would like to thank Chairperson Robert Sussman for his hard work and dedication to ICPRB and our mission of protecting and preserving the Potomac River through science and cooperation.”

The ICPRB is an interstate compact commission established by Congress in 1940. Its mission is to protect and enhance the waters and related resources of the Potomac River basin through science, regional cooperation, and education. Represented by appointed commissioners, the ICPRB includes the District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and the federal government.