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The Future of Water Supply

ICPRB, on behalf of the major metropolitan area water suppliers, recently commissioned a study on the feasibility of using the Travilah Quarry in Rockville, Md., as a potential raw water supply storage facility. The quarry could serve as a supplement to existing water supply for the Washington Aqueduct, which supplies water to the District of Columbia via DC Water, and Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission. The Travilah Quarry study, and others like it, are being performed throughout the watershed.

This week, the Commission hosted the first of several round-table discussions with state agencies, water suppliers and additional stakeholders to discuss water markets and other promising tools for managing water scarcity. “One of the Commission’s most important roles is to bring people together to discuss the important issues facing the basin, and that is what we are trying to do in our new water markets discussion series,” says Dr. Cherie Schultz, Director of Operations for ICPRB’s CO-OP Section. ICPRB is also planning a study that explores the viability of additional water supply alternatives.

With some forethought and careful planning, we are confident that the future holds sufficient clean, healthy water for all who live in the Potomac River watershed. 

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Study on the Effects of Impervious Cover on Streamflow

What makes streams most susceptible to the impacts of impervious cover?

A recently released study by ICPRB, entitled The Effects of Impervious Cover on Streamflow under Various Watershed Conditions in the Potomac Basin: Phase 1, found that impervious cover is particularly prone to altering streamflows in watersheds with steep slopes.  Small headwater streams are also especially susceptible to the impacts of impervious cover.  These initial findings are only a first part of the study.  Phase 2, scheduled for completion in September 2017, will explore the question using the latest data at a higher spatial resolution. You can read the full study on our website.