2009 Reporter

Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin


  • The Economy Eventually Will Rebound: Will the River?;
  • Watching the River Flow;
  • ICPRB Chairman’s Report;
  • Commissioners Pass Away


  • More Grades For Waterways: Bay, Potomac Taken to Woodshed
  • Aquatic Grasses Increase in Bay, Parts of Potomac in 2008
  • Watershed-Wide Spring Cleaning Part of Year-Round Efforts
  • Calling All River Lovers! June 24-28th: Paddle With ICPRB on the Potomac River Ramble
  • Watching the River Flow
  • Monocacy Group Issues Report
  • Commissioners Also Are Authors
  • Preparing for Shenandoah Spring Fish Kills, Officials Ask for Help


  • Will Renewed Efforts Bring Restoration?
  • Right as Rain: Looking Ahead While Remembering Droughts
  • Watching the River Flow
  • Trash-Free Initiative Reaches Out to Businesses
  • Kids Learn About the Potomac and Joy of Fishing


  • 2009 Potomac River Ramble: Have You Ever Gotten to Know a River?
  • River Basin Commission Urges Congress, Administration to Restore Funding
  • Finding a Market-based Approach to Water Quality
  • Collaborative Assessment Will Assist in Basin Planning
  • New Stressors Identified for Sick Fish
  • Watching the River Flow
  • New Website Tracks Federal Bay Cleanup Activities


  • Group Celebrates Five Years of Source Water Protection
  • ICPRB CO-OP Potomac Monitoring Continues
  • Watching the River Flow
  • Congressional Support for ICPRB Grows
  • Rain Barrels Dotting the Landscape
  • Gaging the Cost of Restored Waters
  • Pennsylvania Water Resources Meeting Set


  • Trash Summit Notes Gains, Pushes Forward
  • Petition Seeks Changes in Maryland
  • Watching the River Flow
  • Emerging Contaminants Highlighted in Report
  • Bill Will Provide for Study of Endocrine Compounds
  • More Paperwork Required to Wet a Line
  • How Are We Doing?