Potomac River Fishing Report – July 13, 2018

Rivers in the upper basin are in very good shape. The North Branch Potomac and Savage rivers are giving up nice trout in the management areas. Anglers are using streamers and some terrestrial flies. The mountain trout streams are in good shape as well.

The summer pattern is now in effect. The Shenandoah River is giving up some nice smallmouth bass and catfish. In the upper Potomac, bass are in the deeper holes and ledges. Anglers are catching bass from the shore in early morning on buzzbaits. Fish the deep, shady holes during the day. Lander and Brunswick are the source of some nice smallmouth bass reports.

In the metro area, anglers are reporting bass around Chain Bridge. In the District, bridge pilings and sunken structure are giving up largemouth bass and catfish. More bass are being taken off the Washington channel sea wall and grass beds. Lots of catfish are being found at the Wilson Bridge and Blue Plains.

The tidal river is productive at the main channel grass beds, where anglers are using jigs and hollow frog baits to great effect. The extensive beds of water milfoil in Piscataway Bay  and Broad Creek are good spots. The Mattawoman Creek grass beds are popular as well. Anglers are targeting large blue catfish in the channel around Fort Washington.

Near the river’s mouth, anglers are targeting striped bass by chumming the channel off of St. George’s and St. Clements islands. Others are jigging for the fish, of which many are on the small size. Anglers also are targeting the rock piles north of Point lookout. Anglers wanting to cast in shallow water need to be there before the sun comes up. As the waters heat into the mid 80s, stripers will move to find cooler water with adequate oxygen. Anglers also are catching spot, croaker, white perch, and blue catfish. Crabbing continues to improve.

We are grateful to the many river watchers who contribute to this effort. Particular thanks go to the state departments of natural resources, National Bass Guides, River and Trail Outfitters, and White’s Ferry.