The Potomac Fishing Report

Stocked trout streams in the Shenandoah basin are fishable, with the mountain streams full and clearing. The mainstem is still muddy according to reports. The North Branch Potomac also is stained, but closer to an average flow.

In the upper Potomac, water temperatures are in the mid 70s, with some stained water. The river levels are keeping fish spread out and anglers should target deeper areas with eddies, or seems where stained and clearer water meet. Good reports have come from the area between Lander and Knoxville. Mayfly hatches have been occurring, and fly anglers will be trying to match the hatch.

In the metropolitan Potomac, water is stained and about 78 degrees. Reports of largemouth bass at the Kennedy Center wall, the wall in Washington Channel, and bridge pilings are good bets. Catfish are spawning and can also be taken at bridge pilings.

Further downstream, anglers are having luck in the grass beds at the mouths of tidal creeks and on the mainstem. Largemouth bass fishing has been productive, and the spawning catfish are common.

Near the river’s mouth, anglers are chumming for striped bass, as well as the channel edges around St. George’s Island. Reports of some croaker and a few flatfish round out the catch. Crabbing continues to improve with the warming water.