Fishing Report – July 6, 2018

Good reports of smallmouth bass and catfish are coming from the Shenandoah River system. Trout management areas in the western basin are fishing well, with white miller hatches occurring in the evening. Anglers also are finding trout in the North Branch Potomac and Savage rivers.

Water temperatures in the upper Potomac river are in the mid to high 70s, and the fishing is very good. Smallmouth bass in the 10”-14” range are being taken with small topwater lures in low light, and from deep, shady ledges and other structure during the day. An angler working White’s Ferry noted lots of jumping smallmouth in the morning, with some very large smallmouth striking. Some anglers were hooking flathead catfish near Dam 4.

In the District, water temperatures are in the mid to high 80s, reaching the 90-degree mark in some areas. Lots of catfish are being taken at Fletcher’s Boat house, along with a few small striped bass. Anglers are finding largemouth bass and catfish at bridge pilings as the tide turns. The Washington channel docks and grass beds are giving up some bass. Grass beds in the main channel and at the mouths of tidal creeks are good targets as the tide moves. At high tide with full sun, bass move toward docks and other structure as well as dense grass beds. Milfoil bedsw in Piscataway and Broad creeks are giving up some nice bass. Snakeheads are spawning in grass beds and striking the same baits used for bass.

Near the river’s mouth, anglers are chumming at the rockpiles north above Point Lookout, and chumming and trolling the channel off St. George’s Island. Anglers also are finding blue catfish, croaker, spot, and white perch. The low salinity seems to be delaying the arrival of cobia, bluefish, and Spanish mackeral.  Crabbing is improving, and best of all, no sea nettles!

We are grateful to the many river watchers who contribute to this effort. Particular thanks go to the state departments of natural resources, National Bass Guides, River and Trail Outfitters, and White’s Ferry.