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Community Meeting: DC Anacostia River Corridor Restoration Plan

June 8 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

The District Department of Energy and Environment invites you to join us to learn more and provide feedback on the future of your Anacostia River! During this event, the planning team will share strategies for improving water quality, wildlife habitat, equitable access, and public amenities. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback to refine an approach toward a final restoration master plan framework. We are excited to share more information about the restoration plan and hear your feedback!


The Anacostia River Corridor Restoration Plan is a two-year restoration planning project for the Anacostia River corridor 500-year floodplain within the District of Columbia. The plan will identify and prioritize specific strategies for:

  • Restoring the fish and wildlife habitat
  • Improving water quality
  • Adapting to climate change
  • Increasing equitable access to the river corridor.


Tell us what you think today!

Explore the proposed locations for public amenities and restoration strategies and provide feedback before the meeting! Check out the DC Anacostia River Corridor Survey today!


The survey builds on input from a series of public and stakeholder engagement events and the 6,771 responses we received from 575 participants during the first public survey. To move forward with the DC Anacostia River Corridor Restoration Plan, we need your help answering this survey.


Your responses in this follow-up survey will help us better understand your needs and visions for the Anacostia River corridor in the District. We welcome your input!

We are excited about fostering community consensus around the plan for the river corridor’s future through meetings, surveys, and popup events for the community. For more information, click here!


Department of Energy and Environment