Integrative (adj), brings together or combines diverse elements into a unified or interrelated whole or system (from Webster's Dictionary 1997).

The purpose of the Online Collection is to provide an opportunity to share integrative analyses. These analyses focus on water quality, habitat, and biological responses of the Potomac estuary to human impacts and restoration efforts in the context of the estuary’s natural variability.

Monitoring data are typically collected for specific purposes and used to manage, or limit the damage, to one component of an ecosystem. Annual fish harvest statistics and effluent water quality data are examples. When analyzed in isolation from one another, these diverse data are of limited use because they do not help managers perceive, understand, and prevent ecosystem degradation. When attempts are made to jointly consider diverse data sets, the results allow us to investigate and model the broader implications of the multiple, sometimes competing, changes occurring in the estuary. Integrative analyses provide insights into how the ecosystem as a whole responds to anthropogenic stresses.

Instructions to authors

The materials presented in the Online Collection are often the products of ongoing monitoring projects and will later be incorporated into larger data analyses and eventually peer-reviewed journal articles. Contributions to the Online Collection that are available for downloading from the ICPRB website are posted with the express permission of you, the author(s), and of your institution(s). The contributions are intended for academic uses only. Internet links can also be made to contributions posted elsewhere.

Contributions can include project reports, issue papers, summaries of data analysis results, university theses, slide presentations, unpublished manuscripts, and other products that the author(s) would like to make publicly available as-is. They must be integrative in nature, focus on the tidal waters of the Potomac River and its tributaries, and present relatively complete results and interpretations. Slide presentations containing mostly pictures and little text should be annotated in a notes section or a separate slide, and must communicate the major points of the presentation. Please be thorough in ascribing credit in references and data sources.

If you would like ICPRB to host your data analysis products, please convert them if possible to Portable Document Format (PDF) format. There is a “Save As” function in most software applications that allows conversion to PDFs.

Contact Claire Buchanan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) at the Commission to request more information, to contribute materials to the Online Collection, or to tell us about tidal Potomac integrative analyses on other websites. Thank you.

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